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Chrome plating, metal polishing & more

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The Chrome Factory has you covered with a stack of chrome plating, metal polishing and powder coating options available. We also offer other specialised services such as ABS plastic plating, metal stripping, metal restoration and sand blasting.

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Enhance your old pieces into sparking new ones with our expert techniques and professional approach. Transform that old motorbike, car or boat part into shiny works of art that will amaze your friends. Impress the family by getting that ornament or antique that has been passed down through the generations looking like new.

Our car, motorbike and boat loving customers always come back for more of our high quality electroplating services.

The Chrome Factory can chrome or polish just about anything - car and motorbike engine parts, boat parts, fittings, badges, trophies, ornaments, antiques and more.

Get down to the Chrome Factory or send us a message on what you would like to be done and experience the outstanding quality and service we are renown for.

Chrome Plating

You name it, we chrome it. Motorbike parts, car parts, boat parts and more. Electroplating is one of our specialties and you won’t be disappointed with the results.

Metal Polishing

Get rid of those unwanted scratches and markings on your prized possessions by having them polished like new. Our metal polishing service can polish practically any metal.

ABS Plastic Plating

Need chrome plating for your plastic parts? No problem, The Chrome Factory can electroplate ABS plastic items such as auto decals and trim, hardware, architectural accessories and more.

Metal Restoration

Restore old and unruly items, or even keep that new car looking unblemished. Whether it be new car, an old Holden or Ford, we’ll look after them with that Chrome Factory expertise.

Metal Stripping

The Chrome Factory effectively removes paint and other unwanted coatings from your metal items. Have them strpped back professionally, all ready to be coated like new.

Sand Blasting

Get your surface perfectly prepared with our high velocity sand blasting service. Remove rust, grease and old paint prior to get the job right for the coating process.

If you like any more information on any of these services of would like to get a quote, get in contact with us here.

We must be doing something right...

48 years and counting. That’s how long The Chrome Factory has been servicing Australians for all their electroplating needs. Based in Caringbah in Sydney’s South, we offer a range of services for car and engine parts, motorcycle parts, boat parts, ornaments, bathroom fittings, tapware, ABS plastics and more. Get to know us more.